November 23, 2005

Where to Buy Flax Seeds Online

Unless you live in a big city and close to a natural foods retailer, you may not be able to find whole or ground flax seed in a store in your neighborhood. But it's amazing how many places now sell flax seed online. Although flaxseed is cheap and you can usually order a pound for under three dollars, it's the shipping charges for online purchases that really bring the costs up. Many sites have a minimum shipping cost of $5.99 for any packages under five pounds.

Amazon recently started selling flax seed online. They have a new 'beta' Health and Personal Care category where you can find flax seeds, flax oil and flax supplements. They also sell flaxseeds from their Gourmet Foods section. This three pound bag of whole flax seeds costs $10 at Amazon. It is distributed by Golden Valley Flax.

The package on the right shown here is a one pound bag of organic flax seed selling for $1.99 on Amazon. It is distributed by Now.

Or you can buy flax seed directly from a few great web sites online. There is Bioriginal. See their flax seed products here. Or try CanMar Grain Products at their site.

You can also try flax seed shopping at Pizzey's Milling or North Quinoa.

Let me know if you come across some other good online sellers of flaxseed.

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